Evaluation of Graduate Certification in Community Engagement

Preparing the next generation of engaged scholars effectively

Michigan State University's Graduate Certification in Community Engagement is an initiative of University Outreach and Engagement and the Graduate School. The Certification is designed to help graduate and professional students develop systemic, thoughtful, and scholarly approaches to community engagement. With approval from the student's Graduate Committee chairperson and University Outreach and Engagement, students tailor their program of study to strengthen their scholarly and practical skills in engaged research, engaged teaching, or engaged service.

To complete the Certification, graduate students must show mastery of seven engagement competencies, complete a 60-hour mentored community engagement experience, and present a reflective engagement portfolio. Graduate students who fulfill all requirements receive a certificate of completion from the Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement and The Graduate School and an official notation on their academic transcript through the Office of the Registrar.

This evaluation generates survey and interview data used to improve the program on an on-going basis and to assess the effects of the program on student learning and professional development. Evaluation results from study are expected in Fall 2011.

Please contact Laurie Van Egeren at vanegere@msu.edu with questions, comments, or requested related to this study.

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