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Tools and Techniques for Responding to Criterion Five (Engagement and Service) of the NCA Re-Accreditation Self-Study (2005)

Michigan State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC/NCA) of Colleges and Schools. Every 10 years the University voluntarily undergoes an institution-wide accreditation review, one component of which is a self-study report for the evaluation committee. Every unit on campus contributes to the re-accreditation self-study. To maintain its accreditation the University must provide evidence-based assessment of five criteria, and must demonstrate that it is using those assessment outcomes for continuing improvement. Criterion 5 of the self-study addresses engagement and service. The Office of University Outreach and Engagement prepared guidelines to help unit administrators respond to Criterion 5. Tools and techniques include a checklist for compliance, a constituent analysis guide, and a guide to building constituent relationships.

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Capable Communities Web Site

The Capable Communities Web site explains and demonstrates in depth an outcome- and asset-based model, the Outcome-Asset Impact Model, for community development that was created by University-Community Partnership's staff for human services professionals, faculty members, and community organizers.

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